Who are we?

Geek+ is a global leader in robotic solutions for logistics. We develop Autonomous Mobile-Robot (AMR) solutions to realize flexible, reliable, and highly efficient automation for warehouses and supply chain management by automating various laborious tasks like picking, moving, and sorting. We've led the global AMR market share for three consecutive years, being declared the world's no.1 AMR leader. (Source: Interact Analysis)
Founded in 2015, we've had sales, operations, and service capabilities in over 40 countries and regions worldwide. We apply advanced robotics and technology to create efficient, flexible, and reliable solutions that help industries worldwide. At present, over 700 global industry leaders in retail, apparel, pharmaceuticals, 3PL, automotive, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, electronics, and many other industries trust Geek+ for their automation solutions.
We've helped big brands like Nike, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Siemens and others optimize their logistic solutions using powerful and reliable products paired with high-quality after-sales services. At Geek+, we work alongside companies like Microsoft and Intel to lead the next big revolution for supply chain logistics.
  • ╩╫╥│icon_╗¡░σ Orders in USD 2022 300M+
  • about_icon2 Employees 1500+
  • about_icon3 Global AMR Market No.1
  • about_icon4 Patents 600+
  • about_icon5 Countries 40+

Our global footprint

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